Gardening Made Easy with a little help from these products


GopherHawkGopherHawk – Gopher and Mole Trap​

Finally, a gopher trap that is easy to set, retrieve, clean and reuse.  GopherHawk trap takes the guesswork out of mole and gopher trapping.  Homeowners, gardeners and landscapers are choosing GopherHawk over other gopher traps.  It is easy to set.  The above ground catch indicator shows when the trap has been set off and there is no need to dig the trap up, simply pull it out of the soil and release the pest from the trap with a quick twist.  It is now ready to reuse.   ​


Pulverize Weed, Brush, & Vine KillerPulverize Weed, Brush and Vine Killer ​

If you are looking for a less toxic alternative to RoundUp.  Here you go… Pulverize Weed, Brush and Vine Killer is a non-selective herbicide made from ammoniated soap of fatty acids and maleic hydrazide.  Kills tough weeds, roots and all.  It is fast acting and non-staining.  Use on tough weeds, grasses and brush.      ​


Point Reyes Compost Double Doody Point Reyes Compost Double Doody​

A certified organic composted blend of organic cow and horse manure.  Double Doody can be used as a top dressing for existing plants, to amend vegetable beds or when planting perennials, shrubs, grasses and trees.  It has an earthy texture and is nutrient rich.  Did we mention it is local?  Just as the name suggested, this beautiful compost comes out of Point Reyes.    



By Ali White

Garden Center Manager

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