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Identifying the light situations in our homes and the plants that will thrive within those conditions is one of the most difficult parts of caring for houseplants. Many times our homes are darker than we realize. As a general rule of thumb, low light plants will tolerate areas that are poorly lit, as long as the area remains bright enough to read in throughout the day. Here are a few of our favorite plants that thrive in low light areas of your home:​​


ZZ Plant

ZZ Plant – ZZ Plant grows shiny, dark green leaves on graceful arching stems. This plant is very easy to care for, tolerating neglect, drought, and low-light well. ZZ Plant can also help purify the air in your home by removing volatile compounds like benzene and xylene.​

Snake Plant

Snake Plant – Sansevieria come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all of which do well in low light conditions. They also have low water requirements, making them a great plant if you travel a lot. We have many varieties in stock, so come in to select the best one for your space. ​


Pothos – Pothos is one of the best trailing plants for low light conditions. Place it in a hanging basket or on top of a bookshelf and let it trail down, or place it lower and give it something to climb up. There are many varieties available, but solid green is often the best choice for dimly lit areas. Variegated varieties tend to revert back to green if they receive less than medium light.​


Philodendron – Philodendrons can be found in climbing and upright forms, both of which add a tropical feel to your home. Provide climbing varieties like P. cordatum a rough surface to grab onto as it climbs, or let it trail in a hanging basket. Upright hybrid forms like ‘Xanadu’ or ‘Lickety Split’ have deeply lobed leaves that make them a unique focal point. 

By Jessie Bauer

Plant Buyer 

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