Foster Lumber Yards Inducted Into The LBM Century Club

Vallejo, CA — Foster Lumber Yards (Part of the Central Valley Family) of Vallejo, CA, has been named to LBM Journal magazine’s LBM Century Club, in recognition of the company’s 101 years of service to its community.

“We’re honoring lumberyards with a century or more of service to their communities and to our industry,” says LBM Journal Publisher and Executive Editor Rick Schumacher. “For more than 100 years, these companies have been supplying builders, homeowners, and remodelers with building materials - all while providing a livelihood for generations of workers. That’s no small thing. The LBM Century Club was created to recognize and celebrate these companies for all they’ve done, and for standing the test of time.”

Since 1920, Foster Lumber Yards has served customers without fail. LBM dealers like this have weathered economic storms with resilience and have adapted to ever-changing trends in housing, business management, environmental requirements, and design trends - keeping its communities strong along the way.