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Creating Winter Interest in Your Garden

Once the brilliant colors of fall have faded, winter in the garden can feel dull and drab.  Many of us get spring fever as the first signs of life emerge.  When the temperatures rise and that fresh crisp smell of spring wafts into your nose, your first instinct may be to head out into the garden and then drive to see us at Central Valley Garden Center.  Here you will purchase all the blooming plants you can possibly squeeze into the trunk of y

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Containers as Focal Points

It can be a challenge to find that one element to act as a focal point around which we can build a cohesive theme for our gardens. We may be seeking a color story, a design style (i.e. cottage, tropical, native) or just a component to draw the eye into a specific area of the garden. Perhaps we wish to create vignettes by grouping pleasing textures, colors and forms together.

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